Monday, May 21, 2012

singing in the rain...

There's really nothing to compare with having been raised in a somewhat beige world and at the midlife range be tossed by sheer grace into a world of color beyond imagination. I've said it before and I'm saying it yet again: not ONE DAY goes by that I don't give thanks for being home. Home where I can bury my barefoot toes into that lush aquamarine carpet I fell in love with back in the late 90's; where I look out to the north, south, east and west of me and see only rich fields of wheat in different shades of ripeness (according to season); and where I can see the OTHER end of town which is 15 miles away and I can see the wind turbines cheerily blinking in the dark up to 50 miles away...Home where I've been taught the songs that bring us through our darkest days and help us rejoice in our most joyful moments - where my brothers have taught me the craft of weaving... So there it is. I'm grateful to be home. Last week was a rough one in this homeland. Three deaths in six days. Another one early this morning. I was at a "house service" for one of the families who lost their beloved and part of our life at home entails "cleaning" the house after the loved one has left. The leader brings a mixture of medicines in to "smoke" the house and the singers follow through, they sing from one end of the house to the other bringing that glorious Light of our Creator's into each corner of the room. I sang along with those who were cleaning and as I sang I could clearly see our songs as weaving...each thread of song woven tightly and skillfully around the warp of the lives of our families and friends. Creator's Light in various colors and shades making designs sometimes only visible to His eyes. Each vessel made from these songs was one of us and I could clearly see us standing in a row to be used for that which we were created. When one of our loved ones "leaves" it is our belief that the rains will come and wash their footprints away. This helps in the healing process. What an honor to be singing in the rain.

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Megan Adamson said...

Thoughts go out to you at this time, and I truly believe that there is nowhere like home.
Your traditions sound fascinating, we usually open all of the windows to let the spirit run free.

A very interesting post. I love how other people live and their customs.