Tuesday, November 1, 2011

REALLY? it's been THAT LONG???????

Oh believe me, there have been more times than I can count in which I thought, "OH I WILL BLOG THIS" for you and I know, once it's in blog, it's FOREVER:-) right?

This Saturday is the memorial and some Indian namings...

What does this mean?
In my Indian world (it might be different in YOURS) when we lose our loved ones, we wait in mourning for a full year...one full dance around the sun before we take up our practices again - those of us who hunt must put down our rifles; if we are a pow wow dancer, we must hang up our sparkly laughing dresses and if we are a stickgamer (my love and fun forever) we must put away our songs and bells. Our year is almost over and on Saturday, we'll have our memorial for our mother. The mother of William (deceased); Victoria (deceased), We'eke Eykse We'eptes Aayat, Xunanpee, Twiepietit, Bill, Lonnie, Jolie, Heyuum Asa Kii, TukWyash and Waptas Timine passed away Nov 3, 2010. Although we didn't all follow traditions, we all had our way of passing the year and on Saturday we'll gather together, have a giveaway, dance into the longhouse in one long line; sing a few songs and remember our mother's smile and wise words...THEN comes the namings!
Names are what identifies us as Indian. I don't know about other tribes but that's how it is here at home.

I'm looking forward to AND dreading Saturday...but here it comes!


Coffeypot said...

How close a loved one? It seems to me that there is a possibility of never dancing or hunting again. If you are in a large family spread out in ages, someone could die every few months. I know, I don't understand.

Steve Julian said...

I see things are similar in Indian Country. People adapt and do some of the things that the old ones did. Others try new traditions.
We have a give away after a year. One year. There is also the "wiping away the tears" ceremony that some still have.
My brother passed away in November as well. I told his wife she should have a black tattoo as an armband. She said, " you want me to be like______ and wear black? But she still whores around like crazy?" She made me laugh. Of course I was teasing her about the arm band. I told my wife the same thing, tattoo a black arm band when I die. She said she will use henna. Take care and best wishes for you. Peace.

BB said...

Always a pleasure to read your thoughts and words.
Haven´t had a chance to wish you a Happy New Year.

May 2012 bring you light,love and happiness dear flying Eagle woman!

Your Portuguese friend_BB