Monday, March 29, 2010

Last week was daughter, daughter in law and three grand-daughters came to visit. It was a very amazing visit and when it was over - off to the city for JOLLIFICATIONS and maybe a new car:-)

We searched the city for "the" car...the right price, the right make, the right color - oh well, color didn't matter, but it started to look like we might go limping home in our beat up brakes no shocks...on a whim we drove up this one street and there it was:-) waiting just for us. "THE" car! Cross THAT one off the shopping Get the brakes and shocks fixed on said van for truly, it has brought us many miles and we just can't NOT fix it...went to place number 1 and they gave us an ungodly amount to fix we went in search of another. Out of the mist loomed the SHOP where we took our van to be fixed and voila, within a couple hours we were off an runnin!

NOW for the fun...
Went shopping for a few odds and ends...out to Jantzen Beach which although it's getting more and more deserted, there still whirs cheerily away, the carousel...
Can you feel the breeze it kicks up?

What a fun ride that was to watch, these two adorable little girls were on it, they waved regally as they went around and when we waved back one of them was so excited she stood up on her horse! I smiled at her but motioned her to sit down.

After this, we went out to celebrate my daughter and son's birthdays (okay I don't know what to tell you, they're both born on March 26, but two different's like they were supposed to be twins but Creator was well aware I didn't have the mad mama skittles it takes to raise multitples so one at a time....maybe? Anyway, I will tell you right now, the jollifications ensued with a deep and meaningful vengeance - from which we (my brother and I) awoke Sunday morning from with a little bit of chagrin....BUT not enough to stop with the shopping.

Off we went and as I wandered the aisles of one of my favorite "old lady" stores (that's what my brother calls thrift store shoppin - he says "let's go old lady around" and off we go) I came around the corner and there it was...the sewing machine of my childhood

the hobby horse lovingly made by someone's grandpa

and many other treasures...

When we finally went home Sunday after feeding the kids and of their home, it was with tired joy...
Did you have a good weekend too?


Alice in Wonderland said...

Oh WOW! I remember my Grandmother having a sewing machine just like that one, and I love carousels!
Our clocks went forward an hour this week-end, so my "Body Clock" is still adjusting! I hate this, it always makes me feel ill for a couple of days, sort of like jet-lagged!
I'm pleased that you had a great week-end....I love thrift shops too! Oh, the treasures that you can pick up there!

Charlie said...

Jollifications: That's a great word!

Men, it seems, don't care much for thrift shop shopping--unless they're destitute and need clothes.

And I don't remember sewing machines that old--neither of my grandmothers or my mother sewed.

I do remember the carousel of my youth, a big monster with a calliope and brass rings you leaned out to grab and throw at a bell to get a free ride.

Thanks for the memories, Shawna!

Grandma K said...

I have my husband's grandmother's sewing machine sitting here in my house. I love it! I don't think it works, but still, I love the history of the beast.

It is really sad to visit antique shops and find toys I played with as a child, but some of them were old then. Oh I wish I still had them!

Your weekend sounds like it was real fun. Family weekends can be such treasures.