Tuesday, March 24, 2009

playin' dress up...

HAHA I'm not sure if my daughter ever goes here. She's 21 now and look at her, she's fully dressed up in MY longhouse gear:-) I find this amusing beyond belief!


Anonymous said...


Wow, Hey there! I found your blog from Shusli's blog. I like to read her and her husband's blogs. Great pic of your daughter, she is all grown up. Sorry to read about your son's return to Iraq, I echo your sigh.

It sounds like life is going well out there in Umatilla Country. I stay in touch with Carl and his new lil sidekick Maggie. So I occasionally hear some news from Indian Country and I check out CUJ. You have a great tribal paper, I wish that ours was online.

Hey you and I aren't near as old as dirt yet!

I'm glad that I found your blog, (I don't think google will let me post without being annonymous).

flying eagle woman said...

I'm glad you found my blog too!