Monday, February 23, 2009

amazing amazingment

COLUMBIA RIVER Pictures, Images and Photos
So starting with last week - my brother and I headed to Celilo for one meeting - then home and on Saturday turned around and back to Portland so that on Sunday we would go to Tulalip for ATNI.

Our meeting with Celilo was all the more intense with a story shared by one of our own tribal elders, a tiny woman of fiery spirit and sparkly eyes. She talked about being a young girl fishing at Celilo and how her father and brother would always take her there. She talked about having caught a fifty eight pound salmon from the falls...if you could see the miniscule stature of this woman you'd understand the full belly laugh shared by those attending the meeting.

Celilo Falls Pictures, Images and Photos

Saturday, home long enough to do some homey things then off to Portland to hang out with Nellie (Penelope)

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