Thursday, January 8, 2009

almost missed it!

during the winter holidays, you know the ones...all sorts of fun plans are made, delicious smells waft from kitchens from tampa bay to northern idaho and on down to eastern are chosen with affectionate hope that the receiver of such generosity will smile with delight exclaiming from the depth of their being how this is JUST what I NEEDED...
plans to go spend these days with the kids and what? SNOW? Imagine my distress at having such important festivities halted due to natural causes? NOT QUITE...really! So. Feet and fete of snow...delightful sparkly cold and snowy kisses pattered down in mischievous abandonment...
so here i am weeks later waiting for the birth of grand-daughter number four and have i LEARNED the lesson that indeed it is not I in charge of the universe and axis of this orb? Please! Such impertinence!
Yet pause for a moment and drink in the deep beauty of such humility...snowy art, windy refreshment, beauty abounds and again i am in awe.
thank you

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