Thursday, September 4, 2008

sappiness for my children...

I wrote this in 2005 - don't know if I've ever shared it but it's still true...those kids are AWESOMENESS!

did you know
i’d give you my life?
would throw myself down
to end all your strife?
i wanted for you
all music and fun
it turns out you may
have gotten neither one

you must know i love you
with aching desire
i’d hold you forever
to keep you from fire
do you remember the time
when i used to bake bread?
you’d wake up to the smell
after you’d gone to bed

i’ve not always done
what you thought i should do
but i hope you know this,
i’ll always love you
i’m proud of your lives
and the choices you make
i don’t always like though,
the paths you take

remember my song
when you can’t see my face
that’s who i am
and that is my place
remember my song
on the river’s light breeze
i’ll bake you some bread
and brew you some tea...

2/2/05 smg

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