Tuesday, April 15, 2008

new nookshii

so...Saturday we had decided to take a drive to Umatilla to check out the store that for awhile been closed and was now open again...we dinked around for awhile to "get ourselves going" and made a few stops...went downtown and there were HORSES lined up in the street and people dressed in old time attire - amazing and fun. We lazily walked down the street greeting each horse and snubbing the one who didn't like us. Cows were in the next street and we had to greet them as well! stopped at the "old lady store" and I picked up a bag of things and had to leave them there since they only take cash...went to the hawk shop where sad beadwork sat behind a glass wall...beadwork done with loving hands and giving hearts sold for a pittance of its value and for what??? none of my business really:-)
ON TO UMATILLA!!! a beautiful drive, sunny and thriving with spring joy. When we got there we looked around in the store and SERENDIPITY...my brother bought me a brand new pair of nookshii...otter fur wraps for my braids...oh luxuriously rich and thick and shiny...can't wait to wear them!!!!
We drove on and tended to the mundane task of grocery shopping but even that turned into a party because that's who we are and that's what we do:-)

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