Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Before I knew about weaving and how intricately this art expresses each facet of our lives I wrote this poem for a dear friend of mine...it was brought to mind again today so although it's old, it's going here now. This friend is still my close friend and sister.

beautiful days of sunlit rides
up the mountains to the lake
smell of coffee wafting richly
through the morning before the break
laughter, prayers, talking for hours
about things close to the heart... and not
moments shared before the throne of the King
singing the Song, the melody's caught

these are the strands woven with love
and these are what make the form last
soaked in the Water they'll never break
kneaded with oil the form is cast
graceful and deep it will hold many treasures
to be poured out by the One
who with wisdom knew just the right time
to put the creation into the sun...

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