Wednesday, June 13, 2007

knowledge of place...

a year or so ago my brother and i went on a drive...i blogged about it, it was called "the toppermost part of the world" we drove to the top of a mountain and saw some amazing and exciting and beautiful and FUN sights...i remember one moment with clarity today and that was my observation of the trees as they whipped by.

each tree up there was individually formed with a specific design. you could tell Creator had said "ahhh this tree is going to say Strength and THIS tree is going to say Fortitude but hm, this little tree will say humility and ohhh look! this tree is going to say BEAUTY"

what struck me then and i'm reminded of today is that each tree grows as seeded...there is no questioning, no agonizing over "who am i and where is my place?" there is only roots digging deeper and branches raised HIGH to the sun each new day...i was watching them as they whipped by me and i remember my brother asking me "what are you seeing" that day and i could hardly put it into words THEN because i was so taken by the realization that if can just grasp that TINY little concept that we were created and put in THIS place for THIS reason and not keep desperately scrambling for our place we'd have so much PEACE.

on the left in the picture on this blog is Yellow Wolf, a Nez Perce warrior who changed his world and the people he because he knew his place and wasn't afraid to stand there.

why say this now? epiphany:-)

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